Yes, stop being misled by the media. Why did I say that? This is because the media is broadcasting misinformation about the real lifestyle of Millionaire. So what exactly is wrong with the media? The media shows us that Millionaire is a person who spends extravagantly, eats dinner in the best restaurants, lives in large bungalows, and drives luxury sports cars.

How to avoid falling for lies and fake news

In fact, this is not real! The true lifestyle of a homemade Millionaire is exactly the opposite of what the media shows. If there are Millionaires who live their lives like what the media shows, I believe that Millionaire will soon go bankrupt. Every single Millionaire self knows that spending lavishly, driving a luxury car will not make you rich. All these material possessions will make them poor, fast! So what kind of lifestyle does Millionaire itself have in the real world? The answer is that if it is very simple, they live their lives frugally. I’m not saying that they are stingy, but they are Frugal.

Self-made Millionaire only spend on what is needed, they wear simple clothes and live like ordinary people. They will only buy items of their dreams like luxury cars if they have more money. They won’t just spend their money for the purpose of showing off. A millionaire himself buys luxury materials only if they have extra money. So what happened to the money they made? Most of the money they make will go to investments or other businesses or maybe even savings, because only by doing that, they can make more money.

How to combat fake news and disinformation

If you have seen some people who live what media shows, chances are that person is not a Millionaire. Most of the time it was people from second grade who did it. They want to show that they have earned a lot of money, but in reality, their bank account is empty. Therefore now you know the media that is bringing you wrong information, so that it stops being misled by the media. If you want to become a Millionaire today, you have to start from scratch. Learn to live frugally, not to spend wastefully.

Only by living frugally, you can save more money, and reinvest to make more money. If you spend your money lavishly, you will never be a Millionaire, just because you have spent all your money away. Some people even spend more than what they get, and I hope that you are not one of them. Making money and becoming a Millionaire has become more and easier nowadays, it is managing your hard money. You must know how to control and manage the money you have. And that will be financial education.