You will always hear from your elders that the media sector has many opportunities to offer. It is true, too, because the media will stay in the world for a long time to come. While one vehicle media might lag behind and another might emerge, but the media, per se, will still be put through the course.

Therefore, the opportunities offered are high.

This isn’t just about opportunity, though. There are many other reasons why people want to be part of the media sector. One of them is job satisfaction. The media will always offer interesting work at hand and every day is unique. This is a challenge that some people like to take.

History of the Media

Now that you believe that the media sector is prospective and attractive, you must realize that India’s nationalization of the media sector is equally full of opportunities. This is one of the oldest existing media established in the country and touches people throughout the country without geographical barriers.

If you want to take advantage of work in the media sector, you can consider finding out more about 2013 Prasar Bharati recruitment. Prasar Bharti is the largest public broadcaster in India and has various media channels. Doordarshan and Aakashwani are part of Prasar Bharti and are operated under the aegis. Being part of this public broadcaster will give you the opportunity to learn about how public media is run. On the other hand, there are challenges of handling various vehicle media together and remain relevant in an age where various private media vehicles have made their way into the picture.

How Prasar Bharati Recruitment

Above and above Prasar Bharati Recruitment 2013, Doordarshan and Aakashwani are individually looking for candidates as well. Doordarshan Recruitment 2013 is very popular with young people and they are all trying to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of this historic TV Channel. It is this channel that carries some of the first popular television shows in India. It might have been faced with reduced interest over a period of time because of stiff competition; But, most of India still has access to it. You must meet certain qualification criteria to be part of Doordarshan 2013 recruitment. On the other hand, you must also ensure that you have an interest in the television industry and their job roles that you can take on effectively.

If you consider the radio to be where you want it then Aakashwani 2013 recruitment might fit the bill for you. Aakashwani, once again, was in the same boat as Doordarshan. It was very popular for a long period of time, but the turn of the Millennium did not bring big news for this radio channel.
In other words, if you are willing to be part of the nationalized media sector, there are many opportunities that you can explore for yourself. All you need to make sure is where you want to be and what their work you want to pursue.